Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flying over Trails

"Flying Over Trails" probably gives the impression I was running super fast! Take it literally, I was flying with my husband and son in a Cessna. Flying over Southern California is fun for me. I am a map person, and I love seeing everything I am used to on the ground in a different perspective. I always look for new trails!

(the Wetlands of HB)

This time we flew along the coast to Ramona, a small airport just north of San Diego. As we got closer and closer, I saw more and more trails. I envied those people who have trails right in their backyard! I kept thinking how awesome it would be to live among so many trails, but the truth is that community is inland and it is hot. Trading an ocean breeze for better trails may not be worth it.

(Near Ramona)

A least I have the Wetlands close to my house. Sure it is flat and parts of it are hideously ugly, but there are pretty areas and plenty of dirt! I can also drive half an hour and be at Crystal Cove or Aliso Woods. Forty minutes will get me to Palos Verdes.

As well as seeing homes close to enviable trails, I also saw concrete communities very far from any dirt or ocean! Yep, I do have it pretty good. Seeing life from the air does give a new perspective.

(Crystal Cove)

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