Saturday, July 7, 2012

Honing My Archery Skills

Went running with my most annoying companion this morning; myself. Sometimes I really don't mind a solo run, but today was not one of those days. It wasn't the physical part. There are times I really rely on peer pressure to carry me through the miles, but today I ran six miles and felt good. It was my head that troubled me by worrying about business, about money, and compiling a very long letter to my son's future teacher.

I recently learned that my 7 year old son has dyslexia. This is both a relief (because it explains why he struggled through first grade) and a bummer (because it means more struggling is eminent - he is not going to "snap" out of it.) This is a mild challenge, I realize that, but my mind is still processing this information.

I am attempting to get past resenting that his first grade teacher that did not recognize or identify the problem. She did not know why she could not get through to him and was very concerned that he stop drawing his detailed military depictions. He ended the school year thinking he is not one of the smart kids, and this really bothers me.

Sure, I probably sound like on of those over-obsessive mothers. I once heard a speaker say that children are like arrows given to us by God and parents are the archers. It is our job to recognize our arrows uniqueness and give that arrow direction and propulsion. He repeated those words "direction and propulsion" several time. That is what I consider my number one job in life right now.

It is certain that I will re-write that letter to his future teacher many more times in my head. She will receive a very condensed version with just the basics and we will go from there. It is all part of the process for me. I have compiled many letters on a variety of topics that have never been sent or read, it just helps me identify and simplify the problem. Running helps me process. If I am not annoying myself, I am sure I sometimes annoy the heck out of my running partners by processing all over them. I am lucky to have such running friends.

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  1. Amazing. What a great example of how running helps and changes our life! Running not only helps you but look what kind of mom your son is getting. A mom that doesn't react but a mom that RUNS to process this heart tugging stuff! Xoxo